Rosa Blum, née Rothschild
Born on April 23, 1895 in Heubach.
Deported from Pfungstadt to Theresienstadt,
September 28, 1942, then on to Auschwitz October 28, 1944.

Rosa Rothschild was born on April 23, 1895 third of six children of current teacher Jakob Rothschild and his wife Babetta, née Heinemann / Heymann.

She married Jonas Blum(also called Julius) from Pfungstadt. Jonas Blum took over his mother´s store Löb Blum at Eberstädter Straße 24. As a merchant he bargained with textile goods, notions and new furniture. His father had already died in 1889. His mother had taken over the store and carried on the business. In first marriage he married Jonas Blum Agathe, née Jeidel from Pfungstadt.

In 1911 his son Leonhard was born. His mother died in 1918. In second marriage he married Rosa Rothschild in 1922, who was almost 20 years his minor. One year later their daughter Gerda was born. “In 1933 their son Ludwig went to Geneva. Six years later the Blums decided to send their daughter to the U.S. via England, probably to her half-brother Ludwig.”

In 1941 the Blums had to leave their house and sell it. “They were temporarily placed in Mittelgasse 1. Here a kind of (...) collecting point for the remained Jews in Pfungstadt had been established. Until their abduction and murdering in Theresienstadt 1942, the Blums had to pay a rent. At the time of her deportation Rosa Blum was forty-seven years old.

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