Abraham Goldschmidt
Born on October 2, 1892, in Heubach.
Deported from Fulda to Riga on December 8, 1941.
Date of death July, 1944

Abraham Goldschmidt was born on October 2, 1892, fifth of eleven children of couple Meier Goldschmidt and Therese, née Ring.

In 1924 Abraham Goldschmidt moved to Fulda.

Shortly afterwards he married Ida, née Blumenthal from Langenselbold in November 11, 1924. In Fulda their six children Gertrud, Martin, Max, Ilse, Fritz and Aron were born.

In the registration form Abraham Goldschmidt´s profession is listed as tradesman. While the two sons Max and Martin stayed in Frankfurt Abraham Goldschmidt (aged forty-nine), his wife Ida (aged forty-one) and their children Gertrud (aged sixteen), Ilse (aged eleven), Fritz (aged ten) and Aron (aged three) were deported to Riga in November 26, 1941.

Only Gertrud and Fritz Goldschmidt survived.

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